Why don’t I get paid for all videos?

We reserve some inventory space for non-paid media including user generated content and non-profit advertisements with the Ad Council. At our launch, a significant percentage of our content will be non-advertising content until passengers and advertisers decide to try Rideshare advertising for their businesses.

We do this for a few reasons, but it’s primary to help keep the application engaging for passengers. User generated and non-profit content is not paid to advertise, and thus, you will not earn anything from that content  being displayed , but it helps draw attention to the paid advertisements around it and motive passengers to launch campaigns for their businesses. Once we start getting advertisers in your area, you’ll earn 60% of the revenue generated from a trip’s advertising impressions, plus any additional commissions you may be eligible for through our driver incentive programs like the Summer of Success program going in June, July, and August of 2015.

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