How Tipping Works

  1. Passenger will set amount then provide us their email address
  2. We sent tip request to them via PayPal, so they will get an email with the link on confirming  tip  request over the email, typically within 20-30 seconds. Also, whenever a customer fills tip form – we send you an email right away on that.
  3. A client has to complete that request withing seven days; It takes like 20 seconds sine link to the payment  is provided .
  4. Every Wednesday we transfer all the tips to your account using PayPal, We group all Tips together, since Paypal will charge you 30 cents + 2% on the transaction.
  5. Vugo covers 30 cents + 3% on each tip request. Meaning If you get a tip via tablet ten times each time for $3 then we will receive 10 x 2.65 on our bank account, but when we pay you on Wednesday, we will transfer all amount your passengers sent us $30.

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